The Elasmosaurus Song

from by The Dinosaur Hunters



Cope was on the verge of a whole new discovery. And this time, the credit would belong to him and him alone!


A set of fins - now that would mean
That this creature was marine
Which means that when it lived it swam under the sea
It’s fifty feet from head to tail
And just as heavy as a whale
A prehistoric monster massive as can be

I search for the stories in the stone
The fossilized tales to call my own
Bones…bones…you’ll be my big break
There's nothing to lose when there's history to make


It had a neck of certain strength but almost comical in length
As short and stubby as a fifty-cent cigar
Its longer tail would do the trick
To push it through the water quick
That’s how Elasmosaurus traveled near and far

Now I’m placing the head and it’s complete
My personal scientific feat


Well Eddie Cope, my gallant man
I’d like to help you if I can
It seems your model dinosaur is not quite right
Upon inspection I have found
The head and tail are switched around
I’m sure you’ll be relieved I’ve brought this all to light

And in case what I've mentioned wasn’t clear
I've published my own correct version here.

Now hang on Marsh this can’t be true
I’ve done my research just like you
I’m almost positive my findings are correct


But wait a minute you don’t say
The structure of the vertebrae
A skeletal arrangement I did not expect

My whole reputation compromised
When I looked at these bones they told me lies
Bones, bones, you were my big break
I had nothing to lose
But i made a mistake...


from The Dinosaur Hunters, released June 20, 2011



all rights reserved


The Dinosaur Hunters New Haven, Connecticut

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